Fabre Montmayou

Full report from Descorchados 2022

Descorchados has published the full tasting notes from its 2022 wine guide.

The wines were tasted and scored by Patricio Tapia, the tasting notes for our wines are below but full details can be found at www.guiadescorchados.cl

Fabre Montmayou Grand Vin 2018                                                                       96 points

When the winery’s owner, Fabre Montmayou, came up with the idea of making his Grand Vin in 1993, they selected the oldest vines on the property, planted in 1908 on the silty-clay soils of Vistalba, on the northern bank of the Mendoza River. The base is always malbec, the majority variety in their vineyards in this area. This year it’s 85% malbec, plus 10% cabernet sauvignon and 5% merlot, and it was aged for 16 months in barrels. In a vintage that has produced wines of great quality and character, this one has not been left behind. It has the deep and succulent imprint of Vistalba wines, the ripe and slightly spicy aromas and flavors and round tannins. This is an ample and big wine designed for long aging.

Fabre Montmayou Gran Reserva Malbec 2019                                               95 points

This is from a selection of very old vineyards, some planted in the early 20th century in the Vistalba area, by the northern bank of the Mendoza River and on loamy clay soils. 100% of the wine was aged for a year in barrels, and the result is a wine that’s very deep in flavors and tremendous ripeness, but it also has an acidity-tannin balance that lends nerve and tension. It has slightly floral touches, but what predominates over it all are the succulent black fruits from a zone that’s traditional in wines from Mendoza, and this one interprets that brilliantly. Hopefully, real estate pressure doesn’t bring the area’s legacy of old vineyards to an end. It’s an inheritance that cannot be lost.

Fabre Montmayou Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2019                        94 points

Fabre buys cabernet sauvignon grapes in the Agrelo zone in Luján de Cuyo, from vines that are about 50 years old. Aging took place in barrels and lasted about 12 months. This is a broad cabernet with ripe and voluptuous tannins and herbal touches, but most of all, it has ripe black fruit in a broad and enveloping red. After a while in the glass, floral notes begin to emerge while the tannins expand, offering tension in a wine for the cellar.

Fabre Montmayou Reserva Malbec 2020                                                         91 points

This is one of the great values for money in Argentine wine, especially with malbec from the traditional Vistalba zone grown on the alluvial soils on the banks of the Mendoza River. It’s from a selection of vineyards that are about 40 years old, and 60% of the wine was aged in barrels for a year, while the rest was aged in concrete tanks. The ripe and generous fruits of the Vistalba malbec are clearly evident here, along with aromas of violets. The palate is broad with pleasingly round tannins. An ideal wine for grilled meats.

Fabre Montmayou Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2020                                 90 points

As usual, Fabre’s Reserva line offers excellent value for money. In this case, it’s a cabernet from the Las Compuertas zone of Luján de Cuyo, from vineyards that are about 60 years old and planted on the northern bank of the Mendoza River. This is a cabernet with ripe fruit and a tremendous concentration of flavors and tannins in a special red to open for a Sunday barbecue or to serve by the glass in a restaurant.